Work continues, almost one year after Grand Forks flooding

It's been close to a year since the devastating flooding in Grand Forks.

While there's been many gains, long term Boundary Flood Recovery is continuing.

Emmaline Marshall Hill is the housing branch director for Boundary Flood Recovery.

She says the team has learned lessons from other communities, that they need multiple organizations to help.

That includes the different levels of government, businesses, and even residents doing things like developing suites in their homes to help out with an urgent need for housing in the area.

She says as far as renters are concerned in Grand Forks, that's a big gap. 

According to Marshall Hill she says that's an issue across the province who are dealing with communities that already have a rental when you 
add a stressor like a disaster, there's more pressure on the rental market.

They  have the Mennonite Disaster Service sending volunteers this month.

The organizations helps repair or rebuild homes for people who are considered high in need.

They're going to need 15 to 20 volunteers a week for the next several months, head to for details.

Meanwhile Hills says they're also always looking for flood recovery ideas from the community, contact information is online