Zellstoff Celgar annual maintenance shutdown set to start Monday

Zellstoff Celgar in Castlegar is getting ready for their annual maintenance shutdown.

Health and Safety Manager Mark Goebel says Monday night at 6, they'll stop feeding wood to the digester.

The shutdown process takes 36 hours, and he says there could be some odour during that time depending on wind direction, but it should be temporary.

According to Goebel, the financial impact of the two week shutdown is estimated to be in excess of one million dollars, that includes having as many as 900 additional contractors, tradespeople and temporary mill workers staying at local hotels, and restaurants, and purchasing supplies from local businesses.

During the shutdown, they get inside the Recovery Boiler and Digester for thorough inspection and preventative repairs.

They also inspect and repair their environmental control equipment.

Meanwhile Goebel says with the work that's going on Columbia Avenue, they're encouraging carpooling for those going to the mill, or using the detour route around the city.