Facebook Branded Content Error

Branded Content

Facebook has recently changed how sponsored posts work for Brand pages specifically like ours – their new “Branded Content” posting option. At the moment, you may be getting errors like this every time you post something that says “Brought to you by” “Sponsored by” and tags the corresponding sponsor. As of right now there is no penalty – but they will continue to flag as they come up.

If you noticed this warning at the top of your facebook page

This means that all mentions of any sponsor/third party partnered content must be tagged using the facebook branded content button.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • It is a single sponsor option
  • You must tag third party sponsors in Facebook posts due to the new Branded Content Facebook Policy
  • Pages that you tag will be notified
  • The client will be able to view the metrics and create an advert from your post
  • If you promote the post, the client can see how many dollars you have put to the advertisement
  • Have to make sure you click on this icon and type the client’s name
  • This is a single client solution – you can only tag one official ‘partner’ per post