Chris Kuchar

Chris Kuchar sharing his weekday afternoons with you.

This all started in a high school guidance counsellors office when Chris was asked “what do you want to do with your life?”. He said he didn’t know. His Mom was in that meeting too and said “Well, he does this thing where he pretends he’s a radio DJ and prank calls people”. This was true and he’s sorry to all the people he prank called, but I guess you have to start somewhere. Now Chris is married with children, drives a minivan and should win an award for being the Kootenays most unhandy handyman. This one time a pipe burst at his house and he couldn’t find the water shut off valve so he called 911. Emergency services were very helpful btw and didn’t laugh at him. At least not to his face. He has a garage full of tools he doesn’t know how to use.

Sometimes he’s the rink announcer for the Trail Smoke Eaters so he might randomly yell out “Goal scored by” or “Make some Noise!!!!” during his afternoon radio show.