Black Eyed Peas Debut 'Songland' Single 'Be Nice'


Black Eyed Peas, minus Fergie, this week debuted a song with an important message: “Be Nice.”

The track was chosen on Songland, the competition series for aspiring songwriters that counts Adam Levine among its producers.

Adam Friedman’s song was one of three picked to be recorded by the Peas, who added a rap from Snoop Dogg. The track now has eight additional songwriters credited.

Many Songland viewers took to social media to say they liked Friedman’s original version of “Be Nice” better.

“Can i buy the original be nice please they ruined it,” read one tweet. Another opined “the original was a hit. The next Uptown Funk. WHY DID YOU RUIN IT with your edits! I could already hear it playing on the radio.”

One fan tweeted: “I liked Be Nice better before. It sounded more upbeat and light.”

Check out “Be Nice” by the Black Eyed Peas as well as Friedman's version: