Alcohol seized at liquor inspection on the way to "Stag Night"


RCMP ended up seizing a fair amount of alcohol at a liquor inspection point on Seven Mile Dam Road Tuesday night.

They were checking vehicles on the way to an unsanctioned Grade 11 and 12 event, known as Stag Night,  in the Pend'Oreille.

Trail RCMP say they checked approximately 80 vehicles, and seized 4 bottles of hard alcohol, 88 coolers, and some beer.

According to police the students all had dedicated sober drivers to take them to and from the site.  

Each student was warned that paddling another student would be considered an offence of Assault with a Weapon but no paddles were located during  searches.  

The RCMP will follow up with an education talk with  JL Crowe High School students at a future date.