Land purchase by RDKB in Trail said to be a win win


The RDKB has acquired a big chunk of land for trails and a landfill buffer in the trail area.

They now own Lot A, Hospital Road, which is a 130 acre property located above the McKelvey Creek Regional Landfill.

Securing the property will create additional buffer between the landfill and other properties, and make sure the existing trail network between Miral Heights and Sunningdale remains intact and available for local recreation.

The RDKB also now has an agreement in place with the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society to preserve the existing trail network.

Grace McGregor, who's the RDKB Solid Waste Management Plan Steering and Monitoring Committee Chair calls it a win win, saying  residents will have more certainty about the future of the regional landfill, and the future of the trails in the area.

The RDKB used $170,000 in reserve funds to pay for the property.