Bottle filled with messages discovered by Summerland resident

A Summerland woman found a bottle filled with messages on a beach near Naramata on Sunday.

Shannon was walking the beach with her partner at a cove on the eastern side of Okanagan Lake, north of Naramata, when they noticed the large pop bottle filled with the notes.

She says they had been rolled up, scroll style, and appeared to have been yellowed with age. 

"So we started taking the messages out and taking turns to read them," says Shannon. "And there were just little few word anecdotes, take a chance, have a nice day, kiss the person to the left, things like that, it was really cute." 

Some were in adults writing, while some had obviously been written by children. 

She says the note that read 'Take a Chance' really hit home for them. 

"We moved here a year ago and we took a chance," says Shannon. "We had never been to this area before, and we went on a road trip and we ended up in this area and fell in love with it, so that little note played a chord with us." 

They rolled the messages back up and threw the bottle back into the lake.

Last report, Shannon says they saw it floating towards Naramata as they left for the night.