Crowd Funding to Help Injured Penticton Woman

Friends are rallying together to help Brenda McLean, a South Okanagan woman who's recovering after a horrific fall earlier this summer. 

Don March is one of those friends, and has set up a page on the crowd-funding website, You-Caring, in hopes of raising some money as she recovers.

He says the accident happened in June. 

"The back stairs at her rural home in Sheepcreek collapsed while her daughter and dog were on it," says March. "She heard the commotion and the scream and went out to investigate and promptly fell from the top floor balcony, onto the debris of the broken stairs on the ground below." 

He says she suffered major injuries. 

McLean is self-employed, and March is hoping to raise at least $7,500 dollars to see her through the time.

The link to the you-caring page can be found here.