Duncan Keith Makes Major Donation to OSNS

NHL Star Duncan Keith made a stop in his hometown on Thursday afternoon, to make a donation to the OSNS Child and Youth Development Center.

Keith, who's son will be attending the school in September, is giving $50,000 dollars in the first year.

That money will help with the construction of an outdoor adventure playground, and some money will be set aside for families going through financial hardship.

"This court is going to be great, it's going to help out a lot of children," says Keith. "There's so many good things about this place, and I can't say enough just how honored I am to be in this position, to be able to be part of something like this." 

OSNS Executive Director Manisha Wilms says, the impact of this donation is huge.

"Every donation that we get is so meaningful to us, big or small, says Wilms. "It is though very exciting to have these big donations where we're able to just start to finish, complete a project that's going to ehance the work we do with kids." 

It's a three year partnership through Keiths' Charity, 'Keith's Relief', and he'll be funding more projects in the future.