Eagle Bluff fire near Oliver now 2,270 hectares in size

Oliver fire Aug. 7.jpg-2

It is getting larger and larger...eating up more and more trees by the minute.

The Eagle Bluff fire north of Oliver continues to grow.

Planned ignitions Thursday brought the total area burned to an estimated 2,270 hectares, up from 1,500 yesterday morning.

The controlled burns were conducted on the south of the large wildfire.

Thirteen helicopters are supporting 124 ground crew members.
During the night, the BCWS will be using night-vision from helicopters to support ground crews, help detect new fires, and more accurately map the fire perimeter due to decreased smoke at night.

An evacuation alert, issued early Monday morning by the Regional District  for 206 properties and Senkulman Business Park...... remains in effect...and has been widened to 41 additional properties in the McKinney Creek area.