Evacuation Order Issued in Electoral Area “D” Okanagan Falls for 54 properties

Evacuation Order Issued in Electoral Area “D” Okanagan Falls for 54 properties Pursuant to the Emergency Program Act

An Evacuation Order has been issued by The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen due to immediate danger to life safety due to flooding along Shuttleworth Creek, Okanagan Falls, in Electoral Area “D”.

Members of the RCMP, local fire department and other applicable agencies will be expediting this action.

RDOS and local authorities need to access the area and conduct works to mitigate risk and return Shuttleworth Creek back within it’s banks. Equipment and personnel will be on-site to commence additional and strategic armouring.

Once this immediate work is complete and assessments made, residents will be allowed back to their properties and homes.


Property owners are requested to leave their properites and check in with Emergency Support Services (ESS) located at Penticton Convention Centre 325 Power St, Penticton (by community centre and pool) 1217 MAPLE ST 1225 MAPLE ST 1300 BROCKIE PL 1304 BROCKIE PL 1305 BROCKIE PL 1305 MAPLE ST 1309 BROCKIE PL 1312 BROCKIE PL 1313 BROCKIE PL 1320 BROCKIE PL 1321 BROCKIE PL 1329 BROCKIE PL 1330 BROCKIE PL 1336 BROCKIE PL 1337 BROCKIE PL 1344 BROCKIE PL 1345 BROCKIE PL 1349 BROCKIE PL 1353 BROCKIE PL 1357 BROCKIE PL 1360 BROCKIE PL 1361 BROCKIE PL 1368 BROCKIE PL 1369 BROCKIE PL 1369 MAPLE ST 1376 BROCKIE PL 1377 BROCKIE PL 1417 MAPLE ST 4529 MCLEAN CREEK RD 4637 14TH AVE 4645 14TH AVE 4652 14TH AVE 4653 14TH AVE 4660 14TH AVE 4661 14TH AVE 4669 14TH AVE 4705 MIMAC CRT 4708 14TH AVE 4709 14TH AVE 4716 14TH AVE 4717 14TH AVE 4721 MIMAC CRT 4724 14TH AVE 4724 MIMAC CRT 4725 14TH AVE 4729 14TH AVE 4729 MIMAC CRT 4732 14TH AVE 4732 MIMAC CRT 4737 MIMAC CRT 4740 14TH AVE 4740 MIMAC CRT 4741 MIMAC CRT 4744 MIMAC CRT

It is important for all evacuees to check in with the ESS even if they do not intend to utilize housing and personal services. If you have pets or livestock that need to be cared for and billeted, please contact ALERT Animal Emergency Team for support at: 250-809-7152

If residents need further assistance contact the RDOS Emergency Operations Centre at 250-490-4225 and check www.rdos.bc.ca for updates.