Evacuation Orders, State of Emergencies Taken Down

The Regional District of the Okanagan Similkameen have taken down the state of emergency for Tinhorn, Hester and Testalinden Creeks in the Oliver area.

As well, they've taken down the evacuation order that was in effect for one home on 1st street in Olalla.

Zoe Kirk is with the RDOS, and says be sure to keep your sandbags and other armourings down.

"We need to be vigilant and keep all of that armouring in place, because we are expecting rain later in the week, and when we get these systems come through, they come with wind which can kick up the waves." says Kirk. 

She says wait until you get the go-ahead before you move any sand-bags. 

"Iif you can imagine, we have 500,000 sandbags deployed in the RDOS, they have over 2,000,000 sandbags deployed in the Central Okanagan Regional District," says Kirk. "If people get too over-zealous and they want to clean up their beaches and take this stuff to landfills or dump the sand on the beaches, we can't have any of that done until our assessments are complete." 

Finally, the RDOS is reminding to use caution around any bodies of water, and of course, do not walk on sand-bags or tiger dams.