Firefighters help out in more ways than one

The Penticton Fire Department helped the victim of a small kitchen fire in more ways than one on Wednesday.

The fire happened at a home on Wilson Street and Yorkton Avenue, when a deep fryer flared up, scorching some cupboards and filling the unit with smoke. 

The resident was able to put a lid on the pot before she fled the unit with her children, and when crews arrived on scene, they really only had to clear out the rest of the smoke.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Forster says, the real story here is what the firefighters did next. 

"They actually questioned the occupant as to what they were going to do for dinner, and they weren't sure, so the guys quickly just pooled some money from their pockets and handed it over and helped them buy dinner," says Forster. "I was extremely proud of my guys, that's going above and beyond and that was great to hear." 

Forster says the crew didn't even say anything about it when they came back to the hall, rather, he found out about it on facebook.