Local Gender Equality Activist agrees with bill to end high heel requirement

The BC Green Party has tabled a private member's bill that would ban the requirement to wear high heels at work, and Premier Christy Clark recently expressed her support of the idea.

Amberlee Erdmann is with the South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society, and is very active in the gender-equality community.

She says she was surprised to hear this hadn't been done already.

"I mean when you look at hard hats, safety hats, steel-toed shoes, I completely understand what the purpose of those are," says Erdmann. "But the purpose in forcing women and requiring them to wear high heels just seems sexist, and hints at sexual objectification." 

On her verified facebook page, Premier Clark recently wrote,  "In some workplaces in B.C., women are still required to wear high heels on the job. This isn’t just old-fashioned. In 2017, it’s unacceptable." 

The bill was introduced by Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver on International Women's Day.