Ford F-Series – Increase in Thefts in South Okanagan

South Okanagan – Ford F-Series style of truck thefts have increased significantly over the past month, in both the South Okanagan and Kelowna.
Police in the South Okanagan are notifying the public about an increase in the theft of Ford F-Series trucks.
There have been 17 theft or attempted theft of these types of trucks between January 28th to February 24th, 2019.
The Kelowna area has also seen an increase in the same vehicle thefts, with 25 vehicle thefts since January 8th, and 6 attempted thefts.
“These types of vehicles have typically always been a target for vehicle thieves, however, recently we’ve seen a significant increase. We’re hoping that by advising people who may own such a vehicle, they can take extra precautions when securing them” Explains Cst. James Grandy.