Parkway School awarded money from London Drugs

Parkway school was the lucky recipient of a $10,000 donation from London drugs.  

London Drugs came in second place in a contest with Intel and was given a $10 000 prize. 

London Drugs asked schools what they would like to do with the money and through that process Parkway was awarded the money.  

Parkway submitted many ideas all of which enhance the learning of students...  

  • Creating an outdoor learning area which would require the planting of local tree species and other types of Okanagan shrugs. Also installing wooden stumps for seating for students to work in this area. 
  • A fenced in exploration area in the outdoor learning area that would allow kids to once again learn to use their imagination with outdoor play.  This is something that has not been happening with video games being the major draw. 
  • More home reading books to promote the love of reading at a young age.  Leveled reading books are so expensive for school to purchase and they can have a profound effect on students learning to read.     
  • Funds to hire an artist in residence to help students repaint a mural that was destroyed by graffiti.   This will help give our Parkway Eagles as sense of pride again.    
  • Unlike other Elementary schools we do a Christmas and a spring concert to allow student the opportunity learn how to perform as individuals however the sound system is 45 years old and we have to rent equipment every year.  Some of this money could be used to update this system. 
  • A lot of FREE afterschool programs at Parkway as we know  many of our parents cannot afford organized activities.  I would really like to increase this with a little more funds so all students had an option to choose an activity. 
  • Money to purchase more Chrome books so students can continue to learn about coding and the early stages of robotics.