Penticton budget increase set at 3.6 per cent

They deliberated for thrr full days - and when it was all over, Penticton city council approved a 3.6 per cent tax increase as a part of its 2019 budget.

Council voted 6 - 1 to adopt the budget as presented by staff without making any significant changes.

The average homeowner to pay about $39 more this year and businesses an additional $518.

Around 1.6 per cent of the increase will go to new spending and projects....such $155,000 in new funding to pay for two new bylaw officers, $200,000 for new strategic street lighting, $150,000 for an additional RCMP officer and $30,000 to lease a new shared RCMP/bylaw space downtown.

In addition to the two new bylaw officers, the city is proposing to hire two new cleaning and maintenance staff, a records management clerk, economic development staff, fleet services manager and utility works supervisor.