Okanagan Lake and Aeneas Creek/Trout Creek levels – Summerland update

May 17, 2018

SUMMERLAND: The Water Stewardship Branch of Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD) BC is predicting lake levels to increase to 343.00 metres. Today's lake level is 342.41 metres. Therefore, a further increase of 59 cm (24 inches) is expected over the next ten days to two weeks.
Property owners within the District of Summerland should note that the expected high water level is less than last year's high water (last year's high level was 343.25m). Current modelling indicates that water levels will not reach last year's high however residents are encouraged to take similar precautions and use sandbags or other measures to protect structures on their properties. To avoid sandbagging too low, residents should prepare their properties at the level that was sufficient to protect properties last year.
Empty sandbags are available at no charge at the Summerland Fire Department and sand piles are being deposited in multiple location along the lakeshore. Residents are encouraged to begin taking measures required to protect their properties. Summerland municipal staff are also started taking proactive steps to protect District infrastructure in the case the water rises to predicted levels. Questions should be directed to Summerland's Flood Information phone line at 250-486-3765.
In relation to Aeneas Creek, water levels are currently remaining stable. There are a number of trees along Peach Orchard Road which have been affected by high water flowing through Aeneas Creek. Roots of these trees have been undermined. They have been identified as potentially dangerous to public safety and municipal infrastructure as they pose a risk of falling on roads, over the creek (blocking water flows), power lines, etc. District staff are working with an arborist to develop a strategy for removal and/or topping of these danger trees. Everyone walking or driving on Peach Orchard Road are reminded to be aware.
Erosion in one area of the Trout Creek dyke was noted by District of Summerland earlier this week. Trout Creek residents should be aware that if creek levels rise quickly before mitigation work has been completed, an evacuation alert will be issued. After consultation with a geological engineer, a mitigation strategy was developed. Material has been hauled to the site and work will begin today.
The current forecast suggests that the South Okanagan may experience heavy rains over the next few days. Should such precipitation occur, residents are reminded that creek levels could rise rapidly. Use extreme caution while around moving water.
Updates will be posted on Facebook and the District of Summerland website at www.summerland.ca as new information becomes available.
For more information contact:
Linda Tynan, Chief Administrative Officer
250-486-6011 (cell)