Packed House at All-Candidates Forum in Penticton

The three people vying to become the next MLA of the Penticton riding went toe to toe during the All-Candidates Forum at the Lakeside Resort on Thursday night.

Questions asked from a panel of media members ranged from the economy, to health care, to crime.

Liberal Dan Ashton on how to deal with the crime problem in the area.

"I think the judicial system needs to step up a little bit more," said Ashton, referencing a recent rally held outside the Penticton court-house that called for tougher sentences for repeat offenders. "I think it's long overdue that people who have 65 charges against them are incarcerated for a little longer than just overnight and released the next day." 

The Green's Connie Sahlmark.

"This is not just a basic problem, it comes back to having our community supports in place in the first place," says Sahlmark. "Crime is the product of something that has happened." 

Tarik Sayeed of the NDP.

"If you like at the current budget under the current government, only 1% of the entire budget goes to the judicial system," says Sayeed. "That is not right, and it's one of the reasons we are in the situation we are in." 

A full house of around 400 people came out to watch the event.

Election day is on May 9th.