Patient Care Tower to be named after David Kampe

The new Patient Care Tower currently under construction at Penticton Regional Hospital will be named after local philanthropist David Kampe, after he donated 1.4 million dollars to the hospital on Friday. 

Kampe, who was born in Summerland in the 1940's and owns Peter Brothers Construction, has provided funding for a Spec CT Machine.

Doctor Tracy Chandler says the machine is used mainly for cancer and heart patients, and with the new machine, and space that's been allocated in the care tower, they'll be able to start a nuclear medicine program.

"Currently because we don't have this program, we're estimating 10 to 15 patients everyday go to Kelowna for these sorts of scans," says Chandler. "Additionally, we are able to use the machine for non-cancer imaging, including cardiac imaging as well as imaging infection." 

It's not the first time David Kampe has lent a hand to the hospital.

He donated money for a permanent MRI machine last year, and has also been active during the Patient Care Tower Campagin. 

Penticton MLA Dan Ashton has known Kampe for years, and says it's appropriate the tower will bear his name. 

"He has an incredibly large heart, he's a large contributor to this community and all the communities around the South Okanagan, and he's made an awful lot of difference in people's lives," says Ashton.  

The tower is currently under construction, and should be finished by 2019.