Policing forum well attended in Penticton

The new Penticton and area detachment commander for the RCMP went before a crowd of about 200 people on Wednesday night, to discuss the crime situtation in the community, and hear what the public had to say.

Superintendent Ted De Jager  gave an hour long presentation about crime statistics, trends, and strategies moving forward, and then he turned the mic over to the public for questions.

He says a common theme he heard was the need for better communication.

"I think the biggest concern from most people is that communication part and the communication engagement, and that's something we'll be looking forward to," says De Jager. 

He suggested open houses as a good way to better that communication. 

He also talked about how things like, dropped 911 calls, and thefts from unlocked cars are tying up a lot of policing resources. 

De Jager talked about more pro-active policing, and putting officers in the right spots to capture criminals, and he also stressed the importance of not being a victim, by locking car doors, and putting cameras up near your home or business. 

One woman who made her way to the microphone was Anne, a clerk at a convience store that was recently robbed.

Anne's store was robbed last month at hatchet and machete-point, and she says no arrests have been made yet. 

She appreciated what the Superintendant had to say, but says the robbery still resonates with her.

"I just wish it would get over with, because I'm trying to put it behind me because it's stressing me out working, but I have to work," says Anne.  

However, she liked what the Superintendent had to say, and is hopeful something will be done soon. 

Others took issue with the amount of property crime in the City, and others took issue with the idea of 'not being a victim', claiming they had taken steps to protect themselves, but were being targeted regardless.

De Jager promised to look into hte situations, and spoke with many of the residents after the two and half hour long meeting .