Protest Held outside Court-House in Penticton

A small crowd gathered outside the Penticton Court-house on Tuesday afternoon, protesting the amount of crime in the area, and the way judges are handling the criminals.

Mark Billesburger helped to organize the event.

 He says property theft occurs on a regular basis in the City, things taken out of backyards and sheds. 

"And it's always the same people who are doing it, then getting caught, then going to court then being turned back out onto the street again," says Billesburger. "At what point do misdemeanors become something more serious, where you actually have to be held accountable, and maybe do a little jail time? 

He says the protest was planned to coincide with the court appearance of a repeat offender.

"The gentleman appearing here has 63 charges against him in the last two years, and he's still walking the streets, and I'd like to know why." 

Billesburger says they want to institute change;

For instance, right now, theft under 5-thousand dollars is a misdemeanor, and he would like that knocked down to 2-thousand dollars.