Quiet Night for Penticton RCMP on New Years Eve

The Penticton RCMP are reporting a very quiet New Years eve. 

Corporal Don Wrigglesworth says, although they had thirty-four files during the night, none were significant.

"We had lots of road checks conducted, but with the snow, traffic just disappeared," says Wrigglesworth. 

He says the only problems involved a couple of people who spent the night in cells to sober up. 

However, he says it was a different story throughout the week, as police dealt with a number of break and enters.

Police say a home on McCollough drive was hit on Friday, with thieves gaining entry to the garage.

Inside, they took two 40 inch tv's, a scooter, an Xbox One gaming system, and a safe containing things like passports and birth certificates.

A home on Victoria Drive was broken into, with a pair of laptops, three cameras, as well as liquor, spare keys and wallets taken.

A mastercard was later used at a nearby 7/11, and police are investigating surveillance footage from the store.

A home on Sutherland road was also broken into. The home-owners reside out of town, and furniture, wine, and a snowblower are among the items missing. 

Finally, police responded to a fight between two drunk men outside a cold shelter last Wednesday. 

Police say the two men were staying at the shelter at Cheers the Church and got into an altercation, with one man assaulting the other.

Police arrived on scene and found one of the men, drunk, and outside the shelter.

 He was arrested for assault.

The male inside was also drunk, and refused ambulance services; Police say he did not appear to show signs of a major injury. 

He was escorted out of the shelter. 

The first male was held, then released without charges when he was sober.