RCMP Deal with False 911 calls, a car accident, and a fire

A six year old was given a talking to by Penticton RCMP, after he made a trio of false phone calls last week. 

Corporal Don Wrigglesworth says, 911 dispatch had received one call claiming the airport was being robbed, another call said there was a fire, and a third call said his mother had fallen down, and that he was calling from Chilliwack.

Wrigglesworth says they eventually located where the calls were coming from, and police explained the importance of the 911 dispatch system to the youngster. 

Wrigglesworth says making a false report to police can tie up police resources, which could be needed elsewhere.

Another case saw a man having a diabetic attack crash into a concrete barrier on Highway 97 near Kaleden on Friday night.

Police say they arrived on scene to find his car sitting in the south-bound lane, against the barrier.

The driver, in his 70's, was taken to hospital and examined.

No injuries were suffered in the accident, and no charges will be laid.

Finally, Penticton RCMP say, a fire burned a cabin to the ground on Thursday.

Corporal Don Wrigglesworth says, the home was on White Lake Road, and was fully engulfed by flames when they arrived on scene.

The resident had been trying to light his wood stove, and police believe oil he used may have caused a chimney fire. 

A pipe then fell off the stove, which caused the structure to go up.

No injuries to report.