RCMP order pot shops to close

Three marjiuana dispensaries currently operating in the City of Penticton have been ordered to close by the RCMP.. This, despite City Council granting temporary licenses for two of them just a few months ago.

Jukka Laurio runs the Herbal Greens Apothecary, which had not been licensed by the City.. He says the shops received a letter from the RCMP this week, from acting head of  the Penticton RCMP detachment, Staff Seargant Kristen Marshall.

"They sent out a letter reminding everybody that selling marijuana is illegal in Canada," says Laurio. "I think the basic intent is they're showing the Federal Government apparently is going to use their authority and start doing something." 

Laurio says now that the Federal Government has decided to act, he'll be stopping the sale of Marijuana at his shop.

He does, however, plan to keep a medicinal marijuana information area open.

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit said via email, "The City created and allowed two (six month) Temporary Use Permits to enable access to medical marijuana and to weed out the growing proliferation of dispensaries in the City.The enforcement of the law is the jurisdiction of the RCMP and we will have to see what course of action they take next."