South Okanagan flood update as of Friday afternoon

Here's an update on the flooding situation in the South Okanagan.

And we start with some good news...
That evacuation order issued resterday by the RDOS  for 54 Properties along Shuttleworth Creek in Okanagan Falls has been rescinded.

The threat of flooding from Shuttleworth Creek in Okanagan Falls, BC has been reduced. The potential danger to life, health and property damage has declined. The Evacuation Order has been fully rescinded for all homes in the area. 
All residents along Shuttleworth Creek can return to their properties.

The news is not so good in Osoyoos, where the Town evacuated 16 homes on Harbour Key and 6 homes on Solana Key yesterday.  People were also evacuated from Paradise Park, Willow Beach, and the Coast Hotel.

The lake will likely reach a level past 916 feet above sea level sometime this morning.  It was at 915.98 yesterday afternoon...
Further evacuations will likely be necessary as the water rises.

The Town is also requiring that all residents discontinue using sump pumps to pump water into the town's sewer system...This has been putting an extreme amount of pressure on lift stations resulting in possible overload and failure.

The RDOS has declared a Lacal State of Emergency due to the threat of life and safety, flooding and possible damage to properties in Naramata...and...under the direction of the Interior Health Authority, the RDOS has issuing a Boil Water Notice for the entire Naramata water system...

In Penticton crews are Excavating material out of Ellis Creek at bridges and culverts ...and Constructing berms to widen Ellis Creek with the goal to increase capacity.

On the roads,,,Highway 3 is still closed in both directions 14 kilometers west of Keremeos...and to the east...there is flooding across Highway 3 within Grand Forks near the second street intersection...

Travelers with vehicles of limited clearance are advised to exercise caution when travelling through the area. If flood levels continue to rise ...vehicles with limited clearance may not be permitted to cross this intersection. There is single-lane alternating traffic with up to 45 minute delays. 

The fact environment Canada says South Okanagan temperatures will stay between 25 and 29 all week with nothing but sunshine is sure to speed up the melting process in the mountains.