• TGIFriday - Sept 14, 2018

    TGIFriday: Bowling Challenge - This week the team let off some steam and tried to strike their way to a win in the lanes! Three all-star Wii Bowling players head to head in two games of real bowling, who will drop some pins and get a win?

  • TGIFriday - Sept 7, 2018

    The Newlywed Game! The team spends a lot of time together, maybe too much, but how well do they actually know each other? This week the team splits and Cole and Mason take on Britt and Marek to see which duo knows each other the best!

  • TGIFriday - Aug 31, 2018

    Pie Eating Challenge With pumpkin spice making an early comeback and fall fairs right around the corner the gang decided to mix the two and have a pie eating contest! Disclaimer, if you love pumpkin pie don’t do this, you may not love it anymore! Next week we’ll take a break from food challenges and get Britt back in the action and if you have ideas for what we should do then comment or send us a message and we’ll give it a shot!

  • TGIFriday - Aug 24, 2018

    TGIFriday Challenge: Baby Food

  • TGIFriday - Aug 17, 2018

    TGIFriday Spa Day Challenge

  • TGIFriday - Aug 10, 2018

    This week the guys took on a couple other members of the team in a mini SoapBox Derby tournament at Terrace Riverboat Days!


TGIFriday Challenge Suggestions

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