Did Jonas Brothers Borrow From Portugal. The Man?

When the Jonas Brothers released their comeback single “Sucker” earlier this month, more than a few people noticed it sounded a lot like “Feel It Still,” the 2017 breakout hit by Portugal. The Man.

“Jonas Brothers new song should be called “Feel It. Steal,” tweeted one person. Another opined: “jonas brothers heard that portugal the man song and though ‘we should reunite and sing that.’”

After retweeting a number of comments like this, Portugal. The Man schooled Jonas Brothers by sharing their own experience. “To be fair, the chorus of Feel It Still sounds very similar to Please Mister Postman by the Marvellettes… Which we respectfully cleared and thanked them for every chance we got. As one does. @jonasbrothers.”

Asked by a fan if the band has a beef with the Jonas Brothers, Portugal. The Man replied: “Not mad at all. Actually dig a lot of their music and Nick’s solo records.”

Of course, not everyone believes Portugal. The Man should be pointing fingers. “You’re … operating under the premise that there is an interpolation they should have cleared... which I don’t think there is,” someone tweeted. “You can’t trademark a vibe.”

“Sucker," written by the Jonas Brothers with hitmaker Ryan Tedder, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. None have responded to comparisons of the two songs.

Listen to a mashup of "Sucker" and "Feel It Still" below and check out some of the social media reactions: