• Floored by a Camera

    This guy greatly underestimates the view angle of this camera. It's pretty funny watching him go!
  • Slacklining over a Canyon

    Here's a bunch of people doing things no one should ever do. This video might make you really nervous!
  • United Airlines Is Back At It!

    United's back at it. We remember them for beating up a doctor who paid for his seat. Now, it's sticking dogs in overhead compartments. What's wrong with those guys?
  • Fantastic Trailers for Fantastic Beasts

    Here's the trailer for Harry... I mean... Fantastic Beasts! It's not because the Harry Potter movies are done that we can't get that itch scratched!
  • Student Walkouts in the US

    Today in the US, there were student walkouts all across the country to protest gun violence. Here's the info about what's going on!
  • Oregon goes big on its new ad

    Oregon released this animated ad and it starts out really nice and beautiful, almost like a Studio Ghibli film. It ends with cloud whales. Does Oregon really have those?!
  • Telegraph Music

    What would you call this? Telegraph music? Bunker music? Anyway, it's pretty cool!
  • This Looks Delicious!

    Bento boxes are these boxes with small portions of different things that people make in Japan. It looks delicious!
  • Tiny Car Kitchen

    It's impressive that there's a kitchen in this car but the most impressive part is that there's a kitchen in a car this small!
  • A Glamorous Shrimp

    What's the opposite of camouflage? Whatever it is, this guy is great at it. Bonus fact: this thing has a little appendage that shoots out so fast, it creates a shock that knocks out fish.
  • Joker Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau is known for directing and acting in one of the worst movie "The Room". Let's be thankful that he wasn't in the Dark Knight...
  • A Loving Octopus

    Why is he trying to get it off? That octopus loves him! It's like a giant rubber backpack!