$10,000 Cash Giveaway

EZ Rock has teamed up with Village West Urban Market, Hideaway Liquor Store, and Salmon Arm Liquor Store to bring you the $10,000 Cash Giveaway!

Visit Village West Urban Market, Hideaway Liquor Store, and Salmon Arm Liquor Store from October 1st to January 1st to Enter to WIN Prizes and the Grand Prize - $10,000 in cold hard cash!  

Each week, all three businesses will each draw 3 lucky qualifiers per week. 91.5 EZ Rock will announce these qualifiers on the air as well as list them here on the contest page for the record. ALL the qualifier names that are drawn will be entered into the two prize draws AND the $10,000 Cash Giveaway Grand Prize. 



The prize draws, where you'll be eligible to win prizes like flat screen TV’s, will take place as follows:

FIRST DRAW - Flat Screen TV - WINNER - Louyse Anderson

SECOND DRAW - Hide-A-Way Recliner
November 30th at the Salmon Arm Liquor Store at 6pm.

January 1st, 2018 at Village West Urban Market at 6pm, and all qualifiers must be present in order to win the $10,000 cash!



Sponsored by Village West Urban Market, Hideaway Liquor Store, Salmon Arm Liquor Store, and brought to you in part by Today’s Best Variety – 91.5 EZ Rock!



1. Anuela Inskip 2. Stefan Sampson 3. Tanya Lecuyer 4. Sarah Zuidhof
5. Angella Sonntag 6. Phylica Shushski 7. Randy Pollard 8. Dalin Gollan
9. Hazel Walker 10. Kevin Jack 11. Collin Pedley 12. Doug Bohn
13. Barb Henderson 14. Lee-Ann Stensud 15. Kevin Sewell 16. Jennifer Udy
17. Geof Arnoye 18. Cilla Watkins 19. Doris Tress 20. Trish Hanna
21. Jerry Thompson 22. Darlene Stobbe 23. Cheryl Wilson 24. L M'Lean
25. Jack Aiple 26. Rudy Stepanek 27. Jody Rudd 28. Louyse Anderson
29. Aileen Peel 30. John Holmes 31. Doreen William 32. Hazel Walker
33. Nikki Wilson 34. Ann Culos 35. Chad Fuller 36. Ron Benn
37. Sandy Shepherd 38. Gordy Longley 39. Bill Walsh 40. Bruce Anderson
41. Rose-Marie Woarms 42. Algebir 43. Hammer 44. Janice Rippel
45. Jaret Smith 46. Nike Power 47. Doreen William 48. Megan Land
49. Rick Herd 50. Rob Doyle 51. Loete Dolville 52. Shafin Shoaf
53. Nicole Deutscher 54. Cheryl Wilson



Enter to win at one of the following locations:


Hideaway Liquor Store Salmon Arm Liquor Store

Village West Urban Market
1035 Lakeshore Dr W,
Salmon Arm, BC

Hideaway Liquor Store
973 Lakeshore Dr W,
Salmon Arm, BC

Salmon Arm Liquor Store
111 Lakeshore Dr NE,
Salmon Arm, BC