LISTEN: Halsey Debuts Deeply Personal 'Without Me'

Halsey has released a powerful new song about building someone up only to have them let you down.

In “Without Me,” she sings: “I said I’d catch you if you fall / And if they laugh, then f**k ‘em all / And then I got you off your knees / Put you right back on your feet / Just so you could take advantage of me.”


The song was inspired by her July split from rapper G-Eazy, with whom she has since reconciled. On Twitter, Halsey said: "Here are my insides. Handle them with care."

The pop star tweeted that "Without Me" will make some people feel sad and others to feel empowered. "It’s different for every person I played it for. Some get emotional. Some throw their fists up and slap their hands on the steering wheel like 'f**k. yes!!!!' It’s dynamic!"

How does it make her feel? "I cried the whole time I recorded it," said Halsey. "But now I feel proud. And empowered."

If the song's bridge sounds familiar, Halsey admitted she borrowed lines from Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" (it's not a sample, as some reports claim).

Listen to "Without Me" below: