Avalanche Canada Appeals To Edmonton-Area Sledders

The beginning of March has been marked by the release of some startling stats from Avalanche Canada.

The avalanche forecasting agency says that March is the deadliest month for avalanches, and that it's looking to appeal to sledders from Alberta - specifically those from the Edmonton area.

Avalanche Canada says that the past five years have seen 24 sledders die from avalanches in B.C, two-thirds of which were from Alberta.

It also says that 73% of those deceased Alberta sledders lived within 150km's of Edmonton.

Executive Director Gilles Valade says "When we see such a cluster in terms of place of residence, it raises a concern that our safety messages aren't reaching the people who clearly need it most."

Avalanche Canada also says that every one of those people who have died in avalanches in the past five years were men.