Back-Country User Launches Site Seeking More Accommodations At Rogers Pass

Parks Canada is set to demolish the Glacier Park Lodge at Rogers Pass sooner than later, but what about the future of the site?

That's a question posed by Calgary resident Tom McMillan, who has launched a new initiative called 'Revive Rogers'.

McMillan is a back-country user, and says he's trying to build support for more accomodations at the Pass "I live in Calgary, and it's about a three-and-a-half hour drive for me to get to Rogers Pass - so it's nothing I can do in one day and come back. As a result it turns into a logistical exercise, and the accommodation facilties that are available in the Park right now are just not sufficient to support the demand."

He says those who endorse the idea of added accomodations at Rogers Pass should check out his website,

McMillan has also started an online petition, which is aimed at Parks Canada's development staff, as well as Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

Parks Canada has said that it will look to the public for suggestions when it's ready to redevelop that area.

No definitive timeline for the demolition of the Glacier Park Lodge has been provided at this time.