Battered Buckerfield's Hopes To Reopen Within Days

Restoration work continues following Sunday's fire at Salmon Arm's Buckerfield's store.

CEO Kelvin McCulloch says the cause seems to relate to a broken belt on a backroom furnace "By the time they got here that back room was engulfed in flames, but it was confined to that room, so when they opened the door the flames came roaring out - as they would, but the fire team was ready and managed to get the flames under control."

McCulloch continues to credit fire staff for their quick response, saying "They really saved that building. They said if it had been left another five minutes it would have gone through the roof and the entire building would have burned to the ground."

He says that the community has really rallied behind their store "It's really wonderful how the community has stood behind us. They've come and put hearts on the gates and signed them in support of the staff. We're getting calls all the time 'are we open yet, are we open yet' - It's been a wonderful experience in that context."

McCulloch tells us that their hope is to reopen within days, saying "I'm thinking that we could be back open at one level or another by Friday or Saturday.

He also provided news on a long-term plan for the store, saying "We're also planning some substantial renovations to the exterior and interior of the store - to make a far nicer environment."