BC Hockey Mandates Full Cages For Junior B Players

A big piece of news from BC Hockey on Tuesday, as it announced that all of B.C's Junior B Hockey players will be mandated to wear full face protection as of next season.

CEO Barry Petrachenko says that BC Hockey is confident that this will greatly reduce facial and dental injuries.

Monday's release states that Junior B teams will see a 71 percent reduction in major medical and dental premiums under the Hockey Canada Insurance Program.

Coach of the Revelstoke Grizzlies, Ryan Parent, says it's a change you can look at both ways "It's a little bit of a double-edged sword - I do see possibly a reduction of some accidental injuries, but I do see an increase in maybe sticks that contact necks, stuff like that - an increase in carelessness."

Parent says he's bothered by the lack of consultation on this change.

He notes that the goal of his players is to reach the BCHL, and when they make it they can just ditch the full face protection anyways as the BCHL has yet to adapt the same rule.

All the details on today's announcement can be found via this link.