Bin Deliveries Now Underway For New Curbside Collection Program

Salmon Arm's new curbside collection program begins July 1st, and the City has begun delivering new bins.

Mayor Alan Harrison says that everyone will get their bins soon "This is sort of the start of the roll-out now, so maybe only 15% of residents have them presently, but over the next two weeks every individual household in Salmon Arm will receive those bins."

As for what the City will drop off in your driveway, Harrison says "Every household will receive three bins or catchers: a small catcher for your organics under your sink - that's for composting - and that will take everything that's wet like meat products, dairy products, and vegetable products. In your garage you'll have a larger compost bin, which you will also have delivered. You'll also get a blue bin, because we're getting rid of those blue plastic bags for recycling."

The Mayor says that your delivery includes plenty of helpful info "The information that comes with the bins is really quite clear, but there's some other opportunities too - on June 20th at City Hall from noon to 8pm in the Council Chamber please come in, it's not a formal presentation. You can come in and see the answer to your questions and talk to staff.

Those seeking any additional details can check out this link.