Chase Skate Park Organizers Seek Further Donations

Organizers with the Chase & District Skate Park Society say construction work began at the site last Friday, but that further donations are needed to make their overall goal a reality.

Kelsey Snelgrove says that they're over half-way towards their $60,000 goal "We're hoping to get another $20,000, just to really make things safe, be able to pay for all the materials that come up, and just start on a good foot with the Chase Skate Park."

She says that it was a real joy to watch the work begin last Friday, following lengthy efforts to make the project a reality "It was really great to get things going. We've pulled off the old asphalt, which used to be from an old outdoor skating rink, and we've taken that all away, and they have brought down gravel, and they've started packing it."

Organizers says that any donations are welcome, and that a sponsorship program has been set up that will provide plaques in honour of those who donate more than $500.

You can find further details via Facebook, and the group 'Chase Skate Park'.