City To Craft New Resort Development Strategy For RMI Funds

Revelstoke is developing a new three-year Resort Development Strategy.

The new plan is needed to keep Resort Municipality Initiative funding alive.

The province announced last year that the RMI program will continue into 2021.

Mayor Gary Sulz said in a Friday release "The Resort Municipality Initiative has helped the community to upgrade and invest in our community tourism infrastructure. This has really improved the tourism experience in Revelstoke, and is a main reason why we have seen a strong increase in tourism visitation over the past several years. This is a real positive for the local economy”.

The average RMI funding available to Revelstoke has been about $550,000 over the past three years.

The City expects no real change to that in the future.

You can read the City's release via this link, and their info page on the new Resort Development Strategy via this link.