CSISS Sports New Signs In Fight Against Invasive Bullfrogs

There's a new push from the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society on invasive American Bullfrogs.

Robyn Hooper has more on the goal of the initiative, saying "It's to alert folks not to release bullfrogs or other invasive animals that you might keep as pets. Bullfrogs are found in different areas of Canada and the U.S, but invasive American Bullfrogs are not found in the Columbia-Shuswap yet, so we're trying to prevent them from getting here."

As for what to do with them, Hooper says "We ask folks to try and return them to the place where they bought them, or see if they can be re-homed, if not then contacting the local animal shelter."

There's new signage near wetlands in the Columbias and Shuswap reminding people not to release them.

You can find more details through the CSISS website.