CSRD And RDNO Acquire CP Rail Corridor

The CSRD and RDNO have announced the purchase of a section of CP Rail Corridor between Sicamous and Armstrong.

The two Regional District's broke the news on Tuesday.

A release says that significant recreation and economic opportunities are among the benefits of the agreement.

CSRD CAO Charles Hamilton says that planning for how to manage this project will take time "There's a lot of excitement out there, particularly from recreationalists that want to start using the trail tomorrow, but developing the trails is very costly, and it's going to involve careful capital planning, so we want to manage expectations. There is a strong desire to move forward in a measured way."

Hamilton also notes that a planning session could happen as early this month regarding future hopes for the project.

The total cost of the purchase was $6.5M.

The B.C Government provided $2.17M.

Anyone seeking further details on this announcement should visit this link.