CSRD Director Paul Demenok Responds To Balmoral Highway Plan


We now know the province's plan for the Shuswap's Balmoral intersection.

Changes to the area will see the end of left turns onto the Highway, and left turn bays for those exiting the Highway.

CSRD Area C Director Paul Demenok has his reaction, saying "It's not perfect, but it's a great improvement from what we have now. It removes the cause of about 70% of the accidents and fatalities that have occurred at that corner, and it does it in a cost-effective and timely manner - we can have it done this year."

He also notes that not everyone will be pleased with the plan "The ideal solution for many is an overpass, but we should also recognize that that could never happen immediately and would take many years and tens of millions of dollars to implement."

Construction is to begin late next month.

You can check out additional details via this link.