CSRD Gets Funds To Study Bastion Mountain Slide Risks

The CSRD has given further details on funding that will help it study Bastion Mountain, and its landslide risks.

Team Leader Derek Sutherland has more on the money coming from the Union of B.C Municipalities "We've asked for $150,000 to do a mapping project of Bastion Mountain, to help us determine what the history of landslides in the area is, with the hopes of trying to predict the frequecy of future landslides."

He says the snow will need to melt before they can begin, meaning work isn't ready to start just yet "And then, we're looking at about a three or four month turn-around for the project, to bring in some tangible data."

Sutherland says that the CSRD has been working with various provincial agencies on issues relating to Bastion Mountain, and that a mitigation strategy could be coming down the road.