CSRD Investigating Thursday Fire At Malakwa Mill

The CSRD's Assistant Regional Fire Chief says that no one was injured in a Thursday fire at the Elite Forest Products Mill in Malakwa.

Sean Coubrough has more on the lengthy call "We arrived to a partially-involved working structure fire. Flames had been venting through the roof. Heavy black smoke and flames were visible from quite some ways off. I could actually see the smoke from Sicamous on my way."

He says that there are no injuries to report, as there was no one working at the site when the fire broke out early in the morning "The site at the time was not operational. We understand that the manager did have plans to open it very soon, but at the time it was non-operational."

Coubrough says that at least half of the Mill's structure was lost to the flames, but notes that crews were able to save some pieces of heavy equipment and milling equipment.

No fire staff were injured in Thursday's day-long call, and an investigation is now underway.