Deep Freeze Set To Back Off Starting Thursday

B.C's Interior is set to move away from our recent frigid temperatures, starting tomorrow.

Environment Canada's Alyssa Charbonneau says the cold was a by-product of clear skies and a ridge of high-pressure "That's been thanks to a ridge of high-pressure that's been sitting over the Interior. At this time of year, a nice ridge like this with clear skies leads to lots and lots of cooling overnight."

Charbonneau says that a new system of wet and snowy weather is on the way from Alaska, but notes that we shouldn't see too much of the white stuff just yet "The bulk of the heavy snow and moisture seems like it's going to wind up mainly on the coast, and coastal mountains, and that what pushes inland will be a little bit lighter."

She notes that any heavy snowfall for our area from this system looks like it would arrive on Sunday or Monday.