Downtown Bust Turns Up Drugs And A Firearm

RCMP in Salmon Arm say that drugs and a gun were seized during a Monday bust in the Downtown.

Police had been told of an erratic driver on the Highway, and officers found that the vehicle in question had been stolen out of Alberta.

Plain clothes staff watched closely as two people exited the vehicle on Ross Street.

The male and female occupants were arrested, and a search of the vehicle turned up amounts of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and meth, as well as a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun.

Staff Sergeant Scott West says that it was a fine show of patience from his staff "Our officers, where they can, attempt to watch a vehicle and wait for it to empty out, because then we know we're not going to get into a pursuit with a vehicle that might pose a danger to the public."

The male subject had a warrant for his arrest out of Alberta, and had been prohibited from possessing firearms.

Those two suspects are due to appear in court later today.