Driver Behind Frightening Dash-Cam Video To Meet With SA RCMP

The Revelstoke man behind a dash-cam video that shows a near head-on collision with a commercial vehicle near Salmon Arm says that local RCMP have reached out to him for a meeting.

Jonah Jones posted a video on Wednesday that shows a commercial vehicle encroaching on his lane as he drove Highway One between Salmon Arm and Canoe.

He says that he'll be meeting soon with Salmon Arm RCMP "I think they want to discuss what happened, and I think they're just going to carry on their investigation."

Jones says he's spoken with the company that owns the truck in the video, and notes that an investigation is underway.

He says that his video makes it easy to focus on one incident, instead of the broader issue "I'd like to see the debate move to one which is slightly more nuanced. I think everyone talks about speed, which is obviously a factor, but from my experience driving that road speed is very rarely the reason someone has an accident, or some of these things I've seen, like the incident that happened to me. It was a decision that was made on judgement, not on speed."

Jones says his dash-cam that captured the video was bought on Amazon for about $420, and that his decision to make that purchase last year was based on his experiences on our local roads.

The video uploaded on Wednesday night quickly made the rounds on Facebook, and Jones says that the RCMP had called him to set up a meeting on the issue as of Thursday.

You can view that video via this link.