Emergency Services Food Drive Arrives Tomorrow

Community Connections in Revelstoke has its annual Emergency Services Food Drive coming tomorrow night.

Executive Director Patti Larson says to get your donations ready "We'll be gathering at 5PM, and we'll be hitting the streets shortly afterwards. There'll be lots of sirens and lights, and lots of people going door to door."

She says that the effects of this one event last much longer than you might realize "At least 25% of our food for the entire year is raised through this food drive. Currently we're providing services to over 279 local households each year, and 30% of our recipients are children."

This event usually lasts two nights, but has been scaled back to just one night for this year.

As for what you can donate, Larson has some tips "We're looking for things like canned tomatoes, canned vegetables and beans, canned fruits, pasta sauces, canned tuna and salmon, peanut butter, rice, oats, cereals, baby supplies, personal care items, and even pet food."

Anyone seeking more details should check out the website for Community Connections at this link.