Feds Finalize $25M In Funding For Avalanche Canada


$25M in federal funding for Avalanche Canada was finalized earlier this week.

Those funds had first been announced back in November.

Executive Director Gilles Valade says it's nice to know they're worthy of support "This is very good news. We're very thankful that the government sees this as an essential public service, I mean it should be funded by the government - that's how it's handled in most alpine countries - so we're happy with this."

Valade says they'd been expecting to work on a 5-year plan, but the feds now say that this money needs to be managed over a 15 year business plan. He says that still, it's a win "Two weeks ago we didn't have $25M to spend for zero years, and now we have $25M we can spread over at least ten years."

He says what they need next is a funding agreement from B.C "80% of all avalanches in Canada ever are in B.C, and we spend at least 80-85% of our budget in B.C, and right now the province is not funding appropriately for the amount the services that they get, and also for the proportion of that avalanche problem that it represents."

These funds are meant to help nation-wide expansion of their program.