Fly Hills Chalet Battered By Vandals

The Salmon Arm Snowblazers Snowmobile Club says that the Fly Hills Chalet was found trashed over the weekend.

Club Administrator Sandy Milne says that it's not known exactly when the extensive vandalism happened, but does have details on the damage "Our propane stove; which took us over a year to find, was vandalized - somebody had smashed it. The first aid kit was gone, the picnic table was demolished, a fire extinguisher was gone, and our survival tote was gone as well."

Milne says that the past few years haven't seen much vandalism at that site at all.

She's hoping that anyone with information on the vandal or vandals will contact the Club, and the RCMP, "Having a name is always helpful, because people know that person, and hopefully they'll help try to prevent that person or group from doing it again."

Milne notes that their parking lots signs for the staging area were also found vandalized.

She's also asking those holding fires near the Chalet to use the Club's new fire pit, and not create their own piles, as debris left behind by burn piles - such as nails from pallets - can cause issues for recreational users.

Salmon Arm RCMP have yet to release any statement in relation to this file.